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Журнал посвятил целый разворот работам Марии и публикации о ее творчестве. Artmosphere распространяется по всему миру и содержит информацию о международных ярмарках и самых крупных выставках. Журнал посвящен миру искусства и арту как образу жизни.

статья о творчестве Марии Ивановой-Очерет в журнале Artmosphere


Maria Ivanova-Ocheret is a Saint-Petersburg-based oil-painter as well as a sculptor. 

As an artist, Maria predominantly works in oil painting, gravitating towards works of intricate composure. Rich in enigmatic detail, her pieces leave it up to the viewer to unravel the entwinement of fantasy and fact. Another focus of the artist’s work is creating landscapes in light impressionistic fashion. When portraying her own contemporaries, Maria tends to fuse catching a certain likeness with an unconventional, and at times surreal, imagery. Topically, Maria’s works often revolve around the image of An Artist and their fate. 
Maria’s sculptures are done in clay, gesso and advanced polymeric materials. 

Maria’s educational work aided a great number of school children and students in developing their artistic skills and enrolling into artistic schools and universities. A certain number of her students chose fine arts to be their primary occupation. 

Maria Ivanova-Ocheret has graduated from Imperial Academy of Arts in Saint-Petersburg and is a member of Union of Russian Artists. She is the founder of “Vskladchinu Gallery” - a contemporary art gallery that is looking to cooperate with artists worldwide.

Maria has been an active participant in a number of exhibitions, among them are ones held in Rigas Gelerija (Riga, Latvia), ArtDepoo Gallery (Tallin, Estonia), Crisolart Galleries (Barcelona, Spain).

Maria was born on 3rd of May, 1978 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


Artmosphere Maria Ivanova-Ocheret